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Hunaid F. Khorakiwala




Mercy To Whole World

(May Peace be on Him)

(Part - 1)

To Shirin, Tasneem, Taher, Mohammed, Umaima, Aliasger, Jameela & Dear Ones




And when Jesus, son of Mary, said; O children of Israel, surely I am the messenger of Allah to you verifying that which is before me of the Torah and giving the good news of a messenger who will come after me, his name being Ahmad. But when he came to them with clear arguments, they said; This is clear enchantment.

Holy Quran (CHAPTER 61, Para-6)

Prophet Jesus, son of Mary (may peace be on him) testified coming of Holy Prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him) Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is referred as Ahmad.

Saying Of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) :

  1. Imam Hasan Bin Ali (A.S.) said: When Allah sent Mohammed (peace be on him), He said : This is my Prophet, this is my chosen one, love him, and adopt his Sunna and his path. Doors are not locked up under him, nor do doorkeepers stands for him, and trays of food are not served to him in the morning or evening, but he sits on the ground and eats his food from the ground. He wears coarse clothes and rides on donkey, with others sitting behind him, he licks his gingers (after taking food), He says “he who does not like my Sunna does not belong to me”.
  2. Hudhaifa said, that the Prophet when he lay down at night, used to place his hands under his cheek and then say: “O Allah, in your name, I die and live and when he woke up he said; “All praise be to Allah, who gave us life, after he had given us death, and to Him is the return:.
  3. Jabir said that he heard Allah’s messenger, say: At night there is a time when there is no Muslim who stays up and asks Allah, the food of this world and hereafter, without it being granted to him, and such a time is very night.
  4. Abu Ayub Al-Ansari said that a man came to the Prophet (may peace be on him) and said, " Give me advice and make it brief Prophet said: When you stand up for prayer; pray as if it is last prayer, do not say a word for which you will have to make an excuse the coming day, and build no hope on what is at the hands of men.
  5. Ibn Abbas said that Allah's messenger said: "Ask of Allah with the palms of your hand (upward) and do not ask him with the back (of your hands, upward)", and when you have finished, wipe your face with them.
  6. Umm Salama said: "The (piece of) clothing best liked by Allah's messenger was the shirt".
  7. From Salman: Allah's messenger said "The blessing of food (received by) washing (the hands) before and washing (the hands) after taking it.
  8. From Ibn Abbas: I heard Allah's messenger say "The believer is not he who eats his fill while his neighbour at his side is hungry".
  9. From Jafar (A.S.) Bin Mohammed, from his father "Allah's messenger, when he ate with other people, was usually the last to finish eating".

    When some people finish and leave the meal and others still eating Prophet (S.A) would regulate his eating pace so that he finishes with the last person. manners. Prophet was model of good manners

  10. From Jabir Bin Abdullah: Allah's messenger said: May Allah have mercy on a man who is kind when he buys, when he sells and when he makes a demand. (You should not get cheated in your commercial transaction. However If your bargaining position is strong, you may like to squeeze your buyers or sellers. This is not encouraged in Islam. Enough margin be given to the other party.)
  11. Abu Dharr said that Allah's messenger's said to him: "Fear God wherever you are; let an evil deed (be) followed by a good deed, so that you blot it out, and be well behaved with the people"
  12. From Ali Bin Al Hussain (Zain-ul-Abedin, Imam) Allah's Messenger said. It is one of the beauty of a man's Islam to leave what does not concern him.
  13. Noman Bin Bashir said, Allah's Messenger said: That what is lawful is clear and what is not lawful is (also) clear, but, between the two are doubtful matters which many people do not know. He who protects himself from doubtful matters, clears himself in regards to his faith and honour but, he who falls into doubtful matters is like a shepherd who gazes (his sheep) around a sanctuary and (liable) to graze therein. Surely, every king has sanctuary. Surely, the sanctuary of Allah is His prohibitions. Surely, in the body is a piece of flesh, and if it is sound, the whole body is sound; and if it is damaged, the whole body is diseased. Surely, it is the heart.
  14. Imam Al Hasan Ibn Ali lbn, Abu Talib said, "I preserved following words from Messenger of Allah: Leave what you have doubt about from that you have no doubt about; for it is truth that brings peace of mind and it is falsehood that brings doubt".
  15. From Abu Dharr. Allah's messenger said: 'When one of you gets angry while he is standing up. he should sit down. Then the anger will leave him, and if not, then he should lie down".
  16. Jabir said that Allah's Messenger said "Allah is not merciful to him who is not merciful to people".
  17. From Abu Ayub Al-Ansari; Allah's Messenger said: "It is not right for a man to abandon his brother for more than three days".
  18. Jabir said that Allah's Messenger said: "If one makes excuses to his brother, but, he does not excuse him or accept his apology, he is as sinful as one who collects unjust tax".
  19. From Jabir Bin Abdullah; Prophet said: When a man talks of something and leaves then (what he said) is a trust". In other words every meeting is a trust. Translate into business world: what is discussed in the meeting is secret unless it is agreed to be communicated.
  20. From Jabir: Allah's messenger said: "Meetings are like trusts, except three kinds of meetings: for shedding prohibited blood or for committing fornication or for taking property unlawfully".
  21. From Abu Dharr: Allah's messenger said: "Do not look down on anything that is good, even if it is meeting your brother with cheerful face".
  22. From Abu Dharr: Allah's messenger said:" When you cook curry add more water. Remember your neighbours".
  23. From Jabir: Allah's messenger said: "He who fears that he cannot get up in the later part of the night, would pray safa witr & julus in the first part of it, and he who eagerly wishes to get up in the later part of it, should pray safa witr & julus then, for prayers in the later part of night is witnessed and that is more excellent".
  24. Jabir said: "I heard Allah's messenger say: the best remembrance (of Allah) is la ilaha. ill allah". (No God but One)
  25. Hussain is from me & I am from Hussain. (Holy Prophet).
  26. I am a city of knowledge and Ali is its gate. (Holy Prophet).
  27. God created me and Ali from one noor (light). (Holy Prophet)
  28. Hasan & Hussain are leaders of youth of heaven. (Holy Prophet)
  29. Prophet (may peace be on him) about his daughter Fatima: Fatima, you are mother of my father. You are lady of heaven. You are the leader of believing woman of the whole world (til! the day of judgment).
  30. Heaven is under the feet of your mother. (Holy Prophet).
  31. Abbas Ibn Abdul-Muttalib heard Allah's Messenger saying: he realised the flavour of faith (Iman) who became pleased with Allah. as Lord, with Al-Islam as code of life and with Mohammed (may peace be on him) as the messenger.

Husain (A.S.) Grants Seven Sons:

A Christian Arab came to Prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him) from very far away place. Grandson Hussain (3 to 4 years only) was sitting near Holy Prophet. He said, "0 Mohammed! you are man of Allah and Allah listens to your prayers. Please plead on my behalf to Allah and ask him to grant me a son". Merciful prophet prayed. Angel Gabriel came and said " 0 Messenger! Allah has sent salam (peace) on you. This man is not destined to have a son. Therefore, don't pray for him, else Allah will have to grant your prayer". The merciful prophet could not pray and was worried. What reply he could give to this man who came from so far and with so much hope.

Little Hussain saw the anxiety on the face of his (merciful) grand father prophet. He said, "O grand father! Messenger! Why are you so worried?" Merciful prophet explained his predicament. Hussain said firmly. " 0 my grand father! how is it possible that a person comes to you with expectations and leaves empty handed" and said "Hussain will not allow it". You are the leader of all prophets & messengers (from Adam to Jesus, son of Mary - Peace be on all).

"I will grant him one son" said Hussain, Prophet said "O my son! I understand your anxiety, but, let us submit ourselves to wish of Allah". Hussain said " 0 my grand-father, please don't prevent me. I grant him two sons". Prophet (may peace be on him) again tried to calm down Hussain, but, to no avail. Imam Hussain raised the number to three, then four and so on till seven. Holy prophet was helpless. Angel Gabriel came and said * 0 Messenger! Allah has sent salam (peace) on you and your loved one Hussain. Please don't say anything to Hussain. Allah loves Hussain. Allah has changed His decision and granted the wish of Hussain. Announce him the decision of Allah." Holy prophet told him that Allah has granted him seven sons because of Hussain. The traveller said "0 Prophet of Islam! I made request to you and why are you bringing the name of Hussain". Merciful Prophet narrated everything to him. The traveller came near Hussain & kissed his hands and said very respectfully I have come from far away place. I am under your obligation. Please come to my house atleast once. Hussain said "Insha Allah (God-willing) I will come".

Much time went by. Prophet of Islam passed away. Imam Hussain went to Kerbala, (Iraq) and his family (18 male members) and his loyal friends (54 of them) were mercilessly martyred after three days of thirst and hunger. People of Kufa invited him as guest, but when he reached Kerbala, they behaved this way. The person of Imam Hussain also gave his life in the state of prayer and in sajda (prostration touching forehead to the ground). The household of Prophet were made prisoners. Imam Zain ul-Abedin, son of Imam Hussain, was made to travel in hot sand without shoes and handcuffed with chains reaching upto the neck. The head of Imam Hussain was kept on the top of spear and in front of marching Yazid (killer of Hussain) army. This way the army of Yazid, was marching through the desert. They came to the same town of that Christian Arab. That man saw one head on the top of the spear full of spiritual glow. The Noor (the light) from the face was going up in the heaven. He asked the people of Yazid's army "who is this noble and pious person who's head you carry so mercilessly Soldiers replied "This is head of Hussain bin Ali bin Abu Talib". The Christian Arab said "Oh! is this the same Hussain - grandson of your Prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him). They said "Yes". The person said, "Shame on you! Is this the way you treated the household of your Prophet?. Is this the ways you pay back to your Prophet for all the guidance & favours he bestowed on you? If we ever get the chance to meet near one of Jesus, (may peace be on him) we would have honoured him with all due respect". That Christian Arab cried remembering that this is the same Hussain who intervened and made Allah to grant him seven sons. How will he ever pay? Can he repay?

He saw the glowing face of Imam Hussain and observed that his lips were making movement and heard the verses of Holy Quran from the majestic face. He went to the people of Yazid and requested them to give possession of Imam's head for only one night. Next day they were leaving. They declined. He offered many gold coins. They agreed. The Christian Arab brought the head of Imam Hussain in his house and very respectfully gave a washing (gusul). Suddenly he remembered word of young Hussain when he was sitting near the holy Prophet (may peace be on him) "Insha Allah I will come to your house". The son of Prophet fulfilled his promise. Once again he saw the face of Imam Hussain full of Nur (light), oppressed Hussain, innocent Hussain, he bowed down crying, prostrating and saying 0! my leader Hussain, take me into your fold, accept me in your company. include me in the religion of your grand-father prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him) I proclaim - There is no Allah, but ONE, and Mohammed is His prophet.

About Alcohol:

Alcohol is mother of all evils.

(Holy Prophet)

Angel Gabriel Respects Ali (A.S.):

Holy Prophet was in his house in the company of Angel Gabriel. Ali entered. (Ali and household of Holy Prophet were only allowed to be present when Angel Gabriel was with Prophet) Angel Gabriel stood up. Prophet said, "O Gabriel, why are you giving so much respect to this young man" Gabriel said, "Ali is my teacher. I am under his obligation. When I was alone, Allah asked who am I and who are you? I was frightened and could not answer. This young man (Ali) taught me to answer. "Accordingly I replied. O Allah, you are ONE, All Powerful, and I am your servant Gabriel".

Holy prophet, said " 0 Gabriel what is your age?" Gabriel said "There is one particular star in the sky which is seen every 30,000 years. I have seen it 30 times. That is my age". Prophet (may peace be on him) said to Ali; "0 Ali raise your turban". Angel Gabriel said "This is the same star I was talking about & is on the head of Ali".

Ali Defeats Omar Bin Abdewad:

Omar bin Abdewad was mighty giant Jew. He attacked Madina and jumped over the fire-ring (Khandak) which holy prophet (may peace be on him) prepared for protection of city of Madina. He came inside the city and challenged (with loud voice) the muslims to have a fights with him. This was very sensitive moment of Islam which was in its infancy Prophet (may peace be on him) asked Abi Bakr to go. He declined. Then he asked Omar Ibne Khattab. He declined. Then he asked Osman, he too declined. He then asked Ali. Ali said "I hear & obey. 0! Messenger of Allah!" Prophet prayed "0! Allah complete faith (Ali) is going against complete falsehood (Omar bin Abdewad)". Ali went near Omar bin Abdewad. The giant Abdewad said "Who are you?" Ali said: "I am Ali Ibne Abi Talib" Omar bin Abdewad said "Abi Talib - your father was my friend & I don't wish to kill you. I will let you go". Ali said, "O Omar! you may not want to kill me, but, I surely want to kill you. You have declared war against Allah & His Messenger Mohammed (may peace be on him). Now I understand that when two alternatives are given to you, you choose one, Is it correct?" Omar Ibne Abdewad said, "Yes". Ali said, "So I give you two alternatives Accept Islam or fight. Omar bin Abdewad got angry. He took a sword and cut the legs of his own. horse, (in case he dies. Ali does not get his horse) Omar made first attack. Ali prevented it with a sword but still it touched his forehead. Then they fought & fought and thick cloud of sand was formed and nothing could be seen. When sand settled, people saw Ali was wiping his sword with the cloth of Omar bin Abdewad All muslims cried "Allah-O-Akbar (God is Great)".

Allah Grants Child Deer To Husain :

There was one hunter who went on hunting and saw one she-deer and two young deers. He could only catch one young deer. He gave this as a gift to Prophet (may peace be on him). Imam Hasan (4½ years) was nearby, so Prophet (may peace be on him) gave it to him to play with. When Iman Hasan was playing, Imam Hussain saw and demanded. Imam Hasan refused. Imam Hussain went to Prophet (may peace be on him) and made complaint that deer was gifted to brother Hasan and not to him. Prophet (may peace be on him) said " My son! I had only one deer and if I get another one, I will give it to you. Please come near me, I want to feel your fragrance". Hussain was upset with the Holy Prophet & did not go near him. Prophet (may peace be on him) again pleaded, but, Imam Hussain felt very bad and he was almost on the point of crying. Suddenly, she-deer and second child deer were standing near Prophet (may peace be on him).

Holy Prophet (may peace be on him) asked the she-deer "How come you are here all of a sudden". She-deer replied "O Messenger I was with my child in the forest. Allah commanded me to go near you instantaneously and asked me to offer you my second child which you may give to Hussain. Allah wanted all this to be done before tear comes out of Hussain's eyes. So, I jumped with my child and saw that Allah has shortened the distance for me and with one jump I came in your presence. Please accept my child and give it to Hussain". Prophet (may peace be on him) gave child deer to Hussain. He felt happy and told the Prophet (may peace be on him) "0 grand-father! I am sorry. You called me near you so many times, but, I refused. Prophet said, "O my son! Allah loves you. He does not like tear in your eyes".

Hussain got the child deer but Prophet remembered the incident of Kerbala, when Hussain will bear difficulties after difficulties, tragedies after tragedies, tears after tears, he will be alone, no water & no food for three days for him, for household of Prophet & for his loyal followers. Prophet cried.

Importance Of Crying On Hussain (A.S.)

Holy prophet used to pray a lot. He would get up 2 to 3 times during the night & would do vuju (preparatory washing of hands, face, nose, ear, neck & feet and private parts before prayer) and pray. Very often Angel Gabriel would come & say "0 Messenger Allah has sent salam on you. You prayed enough. Your prayers are accepted. Now take rest. Your legs are tired due to long standing". Then Prophet (may peace be on him) would stop praying & would go to sleep. So, there was clear limit Allah had set on prophet for prayers.

Very often when Imam Hussain was near prophet (may peace be on him) & he was showing his love to him, he would remember what would happen to his grandson Hussain. The picture of Kerbala would come before him. Hussain would be alone, thirsty & hungry for 3 days etc. He would cry & cry much and often he would become unconscious. Allah was not sending angel Gabriel to prophet asking him to limit his repentance & remembering of difficulties of Hussain.

In other words. Allah was putting limit on Prophet regarding prayers but not on remembering, crying & matam on Hussain, So, it is clear that crying on Hussain is dearer to Allah than prayer (non-obligatory).

Prophet (Pbuh) Sacrificed Son Ibrahim On Hussain (A.S.):

One day, Prophet Mohammed (may Peace be on him) was sitting, on one side Hussain was there and on the other side Ibrahim, Prophet's son was there. Angel Gabriel came and told 0 Messenger! Allah sent salam to you. Allah wishes that one of the children should die - the choice is left to you. What is your answer?" Prophet looked at his son Ibrahim. Very noble, who could become prophet one day. However, on the other hand, there is Hussain who would give supreme sacrifice at Kerbala - where all earlier prophets from Adam to Jesus, son of Mary (may peace be on him) visited the place & remembered the sacrifice and cried. Again, if Hussain will die, Ali will be sad, Fatima will be sad (parents of Hussain) and I will be sad. However, if Ibrahim dies only I will be sad. He said " 0 Gabriel! I sacrifice my son Ibrahim on Hussain. Allah may take Ibrahim's life". Prophet buried his son & he cried a lot.

Holy Quran & Progeny Of Prophet (Pbuh):

I am leaving behind two things - Holy Quran & my progeny. If you hold fast to both of them you will never go astray. They both will meet me in paradise [Holy prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him)]

Green & Red Palaces In Heaven:

Holy Prophet said "On the night of 'meraj' (Prophet heavenly journey with angel Gabriel), angel Gabriel took me to heaven. I saw two palaces. One was green and the other was red. I asked angel Gabriel who is the occupier of these two palaces?" Gabriel said "O Messenger of Allah! Green belongs to your elder grandson Hasan who will be poisoned and his body will turn green, and red belongs to your other grandson Hussain who will be martyred in Kerbala after 3 days of thirst and hunger."

Announcement Of Farewell Pilgrimage:

One day prophet received revelation through angel Gabriel as under (the collection of all such revelation is Holy Ouran).

In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful
  1. When Allah helps & victory comes
  2. And you see men entering the religion of Allah in companies
  3. Celebrate the praise of your Lord and ask his protection. Surely He is ever returning.

(Chapt 110, THE HELP)

Prophet asked the people; "What is the significance of this revelation?" People answered "O prophet of Allah! Allah reminds you of your good time. In the beginning, you had to struggle, face insult & humiliation for establishing religion of Allah. Now, people, come to you in companies (groups) requesting & bowing to include them in Islam". Prophet said, "Yes, what is the deeper meaning?" People said, "Beyond this you guide us, 0 messenger of Allah!" Holy prophet replied (may peace be on him) "This chapter also brought the message of my death. My work for which I was sent is getting over. So, I must return to my Master". People became sad thinking that Messenger will soon be not with them. Prophet (may peace be on him) said "I declare that I will make my final pilgrimage to Mecca. So, I invite everyone to join me". Seventy thousand people joined him in what is known as Farewell Pilgrimage (Haj-ul-vida).

Gadir-E-Khum :

Prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him) performed farewell pilgrimage wherein he completed detailed rites of Haj (pilgrimage to Mecca). While holy Prophet (may peace be on him) was returning from Mecca to Madina, he reached a place called Gadir-e-Khum. From here people of Syria, Jordan, Yemen go to different directions. There he received following revelation through Angel Gabriel.

O messenger, announce that which has been revealed to you from Lord; and if you do not do so, you have not delivered His message. And Allah will protect you from men. Surely Allah will not guide disbelieving people

(Chapt. 5, sent 67 Holy Quran)

This revelation was a kind of warning to holy Prophet that he must make most important announcement of his life here & now. Allah will not permit any further delay. Allah further assures holy Prophet that He will protect him from men on account of announcement, which he is going to make. Now prophet was ready to make announcement. He told all the people to halt. All those groups who went slightly ahead were called back. He also waited for incoming caravans. Finally, 70,000 people were gathered in that place known as Gadir-e-Khum. He addressed people to believe in ONE GOD, pray five times a day, fasting in Ramzan, pilgrimage and other sunnah (tradition) which he has established. Then he asked "O my people! Am I your leader?" People thundered, "Yes! 0 messenger of Allah!". He again asked, "Is my soul higher than yours?" People responded. "Yes! 0 Messenger of Allah!" He then said, "Those who consider me as their leader, this Ali (Ibne-Abi Talib) is also their leader". Then he raised Ali with his hands almost vertically up so that all people could see Ali. Then he prayed loudly to Allah" 0 Allah! You love those who love Ali and hate those who hate Ali. Those who support Ali, O Allah you support them and those who oppose Ali, O Allah! You oppose them. O truth! You follow Ali". Please mark last sentence of holy Prophet He is not praying to Allah that Ali follows the truth but holy Prophet (may peace be on him) addresses the truth to follow Ali. Ali from top to bottom is truth personified. Where Ali is, there is truth. Don't doubt any action or speech of Ali.

Omar Ibne Khettab was the first to congratulate Ali Ibne Abi Talib. He said

"O Ali! Congratulations! Today you have become my leader and leader of all believing men & women. 0 Ali - leader of the believers!"

After announcing Ali as his successor, he asked people "O my people soon I will die. On the day of judgement Allah will ask you about me. Has Mohammed, my messenger, delivered my messages to you? What will you answer?" People said "O prophet! We will say, O Allah! Mohammed had delivered all your messages to us". 3.Then holy Prophet (may peace be on him) raised both his hands towards sky and addressed Allah "O Allah! be you witness". Then, Allah revealed following message through Angel Gabriel

This day I have perfected for you, your religion and completed my favour to you and chosen for you Islam as a religion.

(chap 5, Sent. 3 Holy Quran)

Do Not Return To Unbelief After Me :

It is narrated on the authority of Jabir bin Abdullah that the Apostle of Allah (may peace and blessing be upon him): asked him on the occasion of farewell pilgrimage to make the people silent then said; Do not return to unbelief after me by striking the necks of one another.


He who in his heart has the pride as the weight of mustard seed will not enter Paradise (Holy prophet may peace be on him).


Allah Has No Partners:

It is narrated on the authority of Jabir Bin Abdullah: I heard messenger of Allah (may peace be on him) saying; He who met Allah without associating anything with Allah entered Paradise and he who met him associating (anything) with Him entered Fire.

Jew died as a Muslim:

There was one Jew living in Basra (Iraq) at the time of holy prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him), He was reading holy Torah in his free time always. Once he was reading Torah & he saw a page binded in Torah mentioning the name and praise of holy Prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him). First he was surprised and asked his wife to give scissors so that he can remove the page from holy Torah. Wife gave him a pair of scissors and he removed the page. Wife (secretly from him but with respect) kept the page along with camphor at a safe place. Second day again while he was reading holy Torah, he saw the name of Prophet Mohammed, mentioning that he is prophet of Allah. Again he did the same thing and his wife again kept the second page with respect and in safe place. When the incident repeated on the third day, he understood that Mohammed, like Moses, is also prophet of Allah. He told his wife," I have strong desire to meet Prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him) and if he accepts me, I will enter into his religion. I will go to Madina (seat of the Prophet)". His wife requested him to take her along. She said, "Now I tell you one secret which I was hiding from you. Prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him) came in my dream and invited me to enter into Islam. His personality was angelic. So, by heart I have already accepted Islam".

Both husband & wife left Basra on donkey and entered Madina. Husband is asking his wife to wait; so that he can enquire whereabouts of the holy Prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him). He asked one young man in Madina about Prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him). The young man cried and said "Prophet passed away (4-5 days before) and grief has overtaken me" That Basra traveller also cried loudly in grief "O Allah! I came from Basra to see Holy Prophet and now I can't meet him". The young man took the traveller to mosque of prophet where Caliph Abi Bakr and others were sitting. He narrates them the story and asked them that he wants to meet his nearest kins They said, this is Hasan Ibre Ali - grandson of prophet (may peace be on him) He requested Hasan to show him some possession of holy prophet. Hasan goes to his mother Fatima and explain everything. Fatima gives shirt of Holy Prophet Hasan showed that to him. He touches it, smells it with lot of respect and request Hasan to give him this shirt of holy prophet. Hasan gave it to him. Then he raises his hands and addresses Allah loudly "O Allah! I declare that you are ONE there is no God but ONE and Mohammed is your prophet. If you accept my belief then give me death, hear & now as I have no desire of this world". The man died there. Hasan washes his body as per Islamic rites and leads funeral prayer. Then people carry his dead body for burial. On the way, his wife asked the people, who is this man who is just dead. Then people said that he was from Basra & wanted very much to meet holy prophet (may peace be on him), and told her all other details. She said, "This was my husband. Then she prays to Allah loudly "O Allah! I too like my husband declare that there is no God but ONE; and Mohammed is your Prophet. If you accept my belief, then give me death here & now as now I have no need of this world". She also dies there and when Fatima, daughter of Prophet (leader of women of the world) was told about this, then she gave bath to her body according to Islamic rite. Both, husband & wife were then buried in Madina,

(Sermon of Hussain bhaisaheb husamuddin on Aug. '94 on birthday of Prophet).

Prophet Heavenly Journey - Meraj:

On the night of 'Meraj' (Prophet, heavenly journey with Angel Gabriel) Prophet (may peace be on him) visited first heaven, then second heaven and so on. With each visit, he was imparted more & more knowledge and raised up higher & higher in the spiritual level. Finally, angel Gabriel brought him to seventh heaven and said "O Messenger! This is my limit, which ends here. There is so much "NUR" (spiritual light) and you are so pure that only you can proceed further and go to Majestic and All Powerful Throne. Holy Prophet proceeded further.

Holy Ouran mention this ...
  1. And he is in the highest part of the horizon
  2. Then he drew near, drew nearer yet
  3. So, he was measure of two bows or closer still.

(Chapt. 53, The star, 7,8,9)

Holy prophet (may peace be on him) was very close to Allah. Then what happened?

Again holy Quran says
  1. So He revealed to His servant what He revealed
  2. The heart was not untrue in seeing what he saw
  3. Do you then dispute with him as to what he saw?

(Chapt 53, verses 10, 11, 12)

Again on the night of 'Meraj' (prophet's heavenly journey) Merciful Lord had put His hand on the shoulder of Prophet (may peace be on him). This was highest spiritual experience for holy Prophet. Merciful Lord has put his hand on the shoulder of his servant, Mohammed (may peace be on him) our Prophet! our leader! No prophet no messenger, no human was ever close to his Creator.

Idols At Mecca (Kaba) Were Broken:

At the 9th year of Hijra. Mecca fallen to the hands of holy Prophet. As soon as holy Prophet (may peace be on him) entered Mecca, he first went to holy Kaba (house of Allah) and took Ali-ibne-abi Talib with him. They started removing idols from the sacred house. Some of the idols were kept at height. Holy Prophet asked Ali to mount on his shoulder & go up and break the idols. Ali was stunned! How can he mount on the shoulder of Prophet (may peace be on him). Prophet himself is holy Quran personified and how can that be under his feet. Ali requests Prophet (may peace be on him) "O Messenger of Allah! How I can mount on your shoulder? You please mount on my shoulder instead". Prophet said, "you cannot bear my weight 0 Ali!" Ali said, "I can't mount on your shoulder", Prophet (may peace be him) said "0 Ali! I order you to mount on my shoulder" Ali had no choice, he mounted on the shoulder, went up and broke all the remaining idols. Kaha (house of Allah) become free from all idols, by prophet (may peace be on him) and Ali. Ali now wanted to come down. He decided that he will not. call Prophet (may peace be on him) to help him to step down. He would jump even though it is very high. Ali jumped and when he touched ground, he was not hurt at alf. He laughed. Prophet said " 0 brother Ali! Why are you laughing" Ali said "I thought I would injure myself while jumping, but, nothing happened" Prophet said "O Ali! When you went up you mounted on my shoulder and when you jumped down, angel Gabriel spread his wings so that you will not be hurt".

All later said that when I mounted on the shoulder of holy prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him) I spiritually felt so great that if there could be a 'joint between sky & earth, I would have joined.

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) referred this incident in one of his sermon. Holy prophet (may peace be on him) is speaking Koran. You cannot put an object on Koran. It is forbidden. He questioned; how Ali can mount on the shoulder of Holy Prophet (may peace be on him)? Why holy Prophet (may peace be on him) allowed it, nay, ordered him? Syedna (TUS) is now answering. If you put one Koran on another Koran, it is OK or smaller Koran on bigger Koran is also OK. This means that like holy Prophet (may peace be on him) Ali is also Koran. Through his action, holy Prophet reveals the spiritual height of Ali-ibne-Abi Talib. between the two. There is no difference.

Jewish Old Lady Throwing Garbage On Prophet (Pbuh):

Holy Prophet (may peace be on him) used to pass through one road at certain time of the day regularly. One old Jewish lady would stand near the window as holy Prophet passes through her house she would throw garbage at him Prophe: was tolerating and not reacting. One day she was not standing. Holy Prophet went upto her house and enquired about her health. She was moved. She embraced Islam.

Prophet Night Prayers:

Ibn Abbas reported that he spent a night at the house of Apostle of Allah (may peace be on him). The Apostle of Allah (may peace be on him) got up for prayer in the later part of the night. He went out and looked towards the sky and then recited this verse (AL-IMRAN 189-90 holy Quran)

In the creation of the heavans and the earth and in alteration of the night and the day there are surely sign for men of understanding. Those who remember Allah standing & sitting and on their sides, and reflect on the creation of heavens and the earth, Our Lord you have not created this in vain! Glory be to Thee! Save us from the chastisement of the fire.

Then he returned to his house, used the tooth-stick, performed the ablution and offered the prayer. He then lay down on the bed, and again got up and went out and looked towards the sky and recited these verses, then returned, used the tooth-stick, performed ablution and again offered prayer.

Not To Urinate In Stagnant Water:

Jabir reported:

The messenger of Allah (may peace be on him) forbade to urinate in stagnate water.

Ali's Prayer Is Similar To Prophet's:

Mutarrif reported. I and Imran bin Hussain, said prayers behind Ali ibne Abi Talib. He recited takbira (Allah-O Akbar) while rising up (from the sitting position at the end of two rakats), when we had finished our prayers, Imran caught my hand and said He: (Hazrat Ali) has led prayer like Mohammed (may peace be on him) or he said; He in fact recalled to my mind the prayer of Holy Prophet (may peace be on him) This incident is after the death of holy prophet. Action of Ali is similar to the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Saying Prayers In Straight Row:

Noman bin Bashir reported: The messenger of Allah (may peace be on him) used to straighten our rows (in mosque, before prayer) as if he was straightening an arrow with their help until he saw that we had learnt from him. One day Prophet (may peace be on him) came out, stood up (for prayer) and was about to say:

Allah is the Greatest, when he saw a man, whose chest was bulging out from the row, so he said: servant of Allah, you must straighten your rows or Allah would create dissension amongst you.

Ali As A Fighter & Engrossed In Prayer:

Hazrat Ali was the bravest soldier of Islam. He would straight go to the leadership of enemy piercing through rows of soldiers. Soon he would reach there and would fight and kill the main enemy. This way Ali Ibne Abi Talib used to win many battles for Islam with minimum bloodshed. His sword's name was Zulfikar. When enemy see Ali with Zulfikar, they would run away and make room for him.

During the fight, he used to get injured. Small nails and other objects would pierce into his flesh. Taking out all these objects is very painful. However, when Ali used to pray, holy Prophet would tell his companion "Go to Ali and remove nails etc. while he is praying. Ali will not feel it.


Such was Ali as a soldier and Ali as a servant of Allah engrossed in prayer.

Prophet's (Pbuh) Death:

When Prophet was ill and nearing his death, angel of death (Malak-ul-Maut) knocked the door. Fatima (daughter of Prophet & wife of Ali) asked: Who is it? Holy Prophet (may peace be on him) said, "O Fatima! He is an angle of death. Let him in." Malak-ul-Maut said: "0 Apostle of Allah (may peace be on him) I am commanded by Allah to take your soul provided you give me permission". Prophet replied: "Let me address my people last time and then you take my life". The Prophet gathers people in the mosque and addresses, saying:

this is my last meeting with you Malak-ul-Maut had come to take my soul. I was your messenger and delivered the messages of Allah to you. However, being a human, if I wronged you, please forgive me*.

People were very overwhelmed. Now their messenger was leaving. One man, however, stood up. He said: "0 Messenger of Allah! I was travelling on foot and you were on camel. You were going to whip but my body came in between & I got hurt. I want to get even". Holy prophet (may peace be on him) said:"OK, you may whip me as hard as I whipped you". He said: "No! Messenger of Allah (may peace be on him)! I was not wearing shirt due to the extreme heat". People were stunned! How this man is talking to Apostle of Allah? They pleaded with the man; reminded the favour of apostle of God (may peace be on him) on the people, the pain he took moreover, prophet was ill. However, that man did not budged. Messenger of Allah took out his shirt and told him to whip. That man ran and kissed the seal of prophethood, which was on the back of prophet. He said "0 Messenger! How else I would get this chance". Prophet's back had natural seal, which had Arabic marking "Mohammed is Prophet of Allah".

Prophet returns to his house. His illness becomes more serious. He calls: "Call my brother! Call my brother". Aisha (the wife of prophet) thought, prophet means his father Abi Bakr. So Abi Bakr came. Prophet did not look at him. He again calls: "Get my brother! Get my brother!" Fatima hears this. She asked Ali to go to the prophet. Ali comes. Prophet (may peace be on him) said:"0 Ali! Come near me! Come near me." Ali goes so near to the prophet, that back of Ali & chest of prophet touches. Prophet (may peace be on him) speaks 1000 wisdom and realities in Ali's ear. (Later Ali said, prophets 1000 wisdoms & realities were so deep that on further reflection, I got more 1000 wisdoms from each one of the prophets saying totalling million.)

Fatima, Hasan & Hussain all were near prophet's bed. Angel Gabriel brought 'hunud from heaven. Prophet (may peace be on him) takes 'hunud' and makes four parts. He gives one part to Ali & says:

"Put this hunud in my tomb".

The second part he gives to Fatima and says:

My daughter! Give this hunud to Ali to put in your tomb. O, Fatima! You will meet me within 70 nights** in heaven"

Fatima says

"O Messenger of Allah! O, my father! What will happen to us after you!"

Prophet says:

"By Allah! You will be weakened & persecuted"

The third part, the holy prophet gives to Ali and ask him to give to Imam Hasan to put in Ali's tomb. Fourth part of hunud he gives to grandson Imam Hassan and ask him to give it to Imam Hussain to put in his (Imam Hassan tomb). Now Hussain cries,

"0 messenger! You were treating we both brothers equally. You gave hunud to brother Hasan & why not me?"

Prophet said

"O, my son! You will go to Kerbala and after 3 days of thirst & hunger, you will be martyred with 72 people. Enemies will run horses on your body. Nobody will be there to bury you. Who will put hunud in your tomb?"

Again tragedy of Kerbala came in front of the prophet & others and they wept.

Angel Gabriel also came and Malak-el-Maut (angel of death) was taking the soul of the prophet. Prophet's soul was coming out from leg up. There was severe pain. Prophet says

O Gabriel! There is a lot of pain. 0 Gabriel! Why are you not looking at me?"

Angel Gabriel said:

O Messenger of Allah (may peace be on him), I cannot see so much pain on your face."

Prophet said

0 Gabriel! Take my request to Allah. This pain of death is unbearable for my ummah (my people). Please tell God that He gives me total pains of all my ummah (my people) till the day of judgement".

*Such was our holy Prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him). He was so concerned for his people.

**Fatima dies after 70 days of Prophet's (may peace be on him) death. She was only 23 years. After the death of prophet (PBUH) household of messenger of Allah (PBUH) were wronged & persecuted. Gradually, event by event, (approx after 50 years) it culminated into tragedy of Kerbala and martyrdom of Imam Hussain (A.S.)

Combining Noon & Afternoon Prayers:

Ibn Abbas reported: the Messenger of Allah (may peace be on him) observed noon and afternoon prayer together without being in a state of fear or in a state of journey

Charity :

Abu Dharr reported Allah's Apostle (may peace be on him) as saying: In the morning charity is due from every bone in the body of every one of you. Every utterance of Allah's glorification is an act of charity. Every utterance of praise of Him is an act of charity, every utterance of profession of His ONENESS is an act of charity, every utterance of His Greatness is an act of charity, enjoining good is an act of charity, forbidding which is disreputable is an act of charity, and two rakats which one prays in the forenoon is an act of charity. (Rakat is series of three ritual prayers. First is standing & praying. Then bowing touching your palm on knees keeping legs & back as straight as possible. Again stand up and go down prostrating. Here tip of your nose should touch ground so is forehead. Both palms are on sides. Then sit with folded leg. Again bow down as before and then get up. This is one Rakat.)


Prophet's (Pbuh) Prayers At Night, In Ruku & Sajda Etc.:

Ibn Abbas reported that when the Messenger of Allah (may peace be on him) got up during the night to pray, he used to say: '

O Allah, to Thee be the praise; Thou art the light of heavens and earth. To Thee be the praise; Thou art supporter of heavens and earth. To Thee be the praise: Thou art the Lord of the heavens & earth and whatever is therein. Thou art the Truth; Thy promise is true, the meeting with Thee is true, Paradise is true, Hell is true, and the Hour is true. O Allah! I submit to Thee; affirm my faith in Thee; repos 3 my trust in Thee, and I return to Thee for repentance; by Thy help I have argued: and to Thee I have come for decision, so forgive me my earlier and later sins, the sins I have committed in secret and openly. Thou art my God. There is no God but Thee."

Ali bin Abu Talib reported that when the Messenger of Allah (may peace be on him) got up at night for prayer, he would say:

I turn my face in complete devotion to ONE who is originator of the heaven & earth and I am not of the polytheists. Verily my prayer, my sacrifice. My living and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of the worlds. There Is no partner with Him and this is what I have been commanded (to profess and believe) and I am of the believers. O Allah! Thou art the King. There is no God but Thee, Thou art my Lord, and I am Thy bondman. I wronged myself and make a confession of my sin. Forgive all my sins for no one forgives the sin but Thee and guide m in the best of conduct for none but Thee guideth (in) good conduct. Remove my sins from me, for none else but Thou can remove sins from me. Here I am at Thy service and Grace is in Thee and the whole of good is in Thy hand, and I cannot get neamess to Thee through evil.

And when Prophet (may peace be on him) would bow (bending from back and keeping the body from back to head almost parallel to ground and eyes looking towards the place of prostration - sajda - approx. 45 degrees from vertical-in Islamic term it is called (RUKU). After bowing (RUKU) holy Prophet (may peace be on him) would pray as under all the time maintaining that position:

O Allah, it is for Thee that I bowed. I affirm my faith in Thee and I submit to Thee, and submit before Thee. My hearing, my eyesight, my marrow, my bone & my sinew."

Then raise his head (stand up) he would say:

“O Allah, our Lord, praise is due to Thee. (the praise) with which is filled the heavens and the earth, and with which is filled that which exists between them.

And when he (may peace be on him) prostrated (Sajda) he would say:

"O Allah, it is to Thee that I have prostrate myself and it is in Thee that I affirm my faith and I submit to Thee. My face is submitted before ONE who has created it, and shaped it and opened its facilities of hearing and seeing. Blessed is Allah; the best of Creators."

And Prophet (may peace be on him) would say between Tashahhud and the pronouncing of salutation.

Forgive me of the earlier and later, open & secret (sins) and that where I made transgression and that Thou knowest better than I. Thou art the First and the Last. There is no God but Thee.

Reserve Part Of Prayer For Your House:

Jabir reported that Allah's messenger (may peace be on him) as saying "When anyone of you observes prayer in the mosque he should reserve a part of the prayer for his house, for Allah would make the prayer as a means of betterment in his house."

The Last Hour & Prophet (Pbuh):

Jabir bin Abdullah said:

When Allah's messenger (may peace be on him) delivered the sermon, his eyes become red, his voice rose, and his anger increased so that he was like on giving warning against the enemy and saying:

‘The enemy has made morning attack on you and in the evening too.’"

He would also say:

"The last hour and I have been sent like these two."

And he would join his forefinger and middle finger. And would further say:

"The last of the messages are embodied in the Book of Allah and the best of the guidance is the guidance given by Mohammed. And the most evil affairs are their innovations, and every innovation is an error."

He would further say:

"I am more dear to Muslim even than his self; and he who left behind property that is for his family, and he who dies under debt or leaves children (in helplessness), the responsibility (of paying his debt and bringing up his children) lies on me." There is a deep meaning. Imam Hussain while leaving Madina for Kerbala said I would be paying debt of my grand father (Prophet Mohammed). He paid through his supreme sacrifice.

Artificial Weeping Forbidden :

Umme Salma reported: when Abu Salma (her husband) died I said,

“I am a stranger in a strange land. I shall weep for him in a manner that would be talked of”. I made a preparation for weeping for him (her husband). A woman from the upper side of the city came who intended to help me (in weeping).

She happened to come across the Messenger of Allah (may peace be on him) and holy Prophet said:


I (Umme Salma) therefore refrained from weeping.

Natural weeping & tear is permitted. What is forbidden is exaggerated and artificial form of weeping making noise etc.

Details About Zakat (Tax):

Jabir bin Abdullah reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be on him) as saying: A tenth is payable (ZAKAT) on what is watered by rains, or rivers and twentieth on what is watered by canals.


[Making canals etc requires an effort, hence Zakat is less: All Islamic laws are in line with the reason]

Jabir bin Abdullah said that the Apostle of Allah (may peace be on him) as saying: No owner of camels, cattle or flock of sheep or goats who does not pay (ZAKAT) his due (would be spared punishment) but would be made to sit on the Day of RESURRECTION on a soft sandy ground and the hoofed animals would trample him with their hoofs and gore him with their horns and none on that day would be without horns or with broken horns.

We said "O Messenger of Allah, but what is due on them? Prophet (may peace be on him):

"Lending of male (for mating) and lending of the bucket (used for drawing water for them) and providing them as ride for the sake of Allah."

And no owner of property who does not pay zakat (2%% of your savings) would be spared punishment but, it (his property, would turn into a bald snake and would follow its owner wherever he would go, and he would run away from it, and it would be said to him; That is your property about which you were stingy and when he would find no other way out, he would thrust his hand in its mouth and it would gnaw it like a male camel.

How Poor Can Do Charity? :

Abu Dharr reported: Companion of Prophet (may peace be on him) asked him "Messenger of Allah, the rich have taken away (all the) rewards. They observe the prayer as we do; they keep the fast as we do; and they give sadaqua (charity) out of their surplus riches." Upon this holy Prophet (may peace be on him) said: "Has Allah not prescribed for you (a course) by following which you can (also) do sadaqua (charity)?"

In every declaration of the glorification of Allah (i.e. saying SUBHAN ALLAH) there is a sadaqua, and every declaration of His greatness (saying Allah-0 Akbar, God is great) is a sadaqua, and every praise of His (saying Al Hamdu Lillah) is a sadaqua and every declaration that He is One (La ilaha ill-Allah) is a sadaqua, and enjoying the good is a sadaqua, and forbidding of that which is evil is a sadaqua, and in man's sexual intercourse (with his wife) is a sadaqua.

They (the companions) said: "Messenger of Allah, is there reward for him who satisfies his sexual passion among us." Holy Prophet (may peace be on him) said: "Tell me, if he were to devote it to something forbidden, would it not be a sin on his part? Similarly, if he were to devote it to something lawful, he should have reward."

Hasan & Hussain Mounted On Prophet's (Pbuh) Shoulders:

Hasan & Hussain (son of Ali & Fatima & grandson of Prophet) were dear to Prophet (may peace be on him). Very often holy Prophet would pick-up both brothers & mount them on his shoulders. Prophet was not only showing his love towards them but also signalling (spiritual) heights of both of his grandsons. All Muslims consider Prophet as Ouran personified. How can you put any object over Quran? Only exception is this that you can put one Quran on the top of the other one.

Similarly, how these brothers could be mounted on the shoulder of holy Prophet (may peace be on him) unless they are also Quran personified? This was another intention of holy Prophet. This is why holy Prophet said: Hasan & Hussain are leaders of the youth of Heaven Very often holy Prophet prostrate (Sajda - touching forehead to the ground) to Allah during and or after prayer. Young Hussain would climb up on the Prophet and would ride as if he is sitting on the horse. Allah would send angel Gabriel who would say: "O Prophet: remain little more in sajda. Hussain may fall on the ground".

Gabriel Brought Sand Of Kerbala:

Angel Gabriel brought sand of Kerbala (place where Hussain would be martyred) and gave it to Prophet. Holy Prophet packed the sand in bottle and gave it to his wife Umme Salma and said: "O Umme Salma! You will have long life. My Hussain will be martyred in Kerbala. That time this sand will change its colour to red".

Umme Salma kept the bottle very carefully. When Imam Hussain got martyred in Kerbala, Umme Salma was in Madina & did not know. Prophet came in her dream. He looked very sad, exhausted and his clothes were sandy. Umme Salma said "O Messenger! How come you are in such a state? "Holy Prophet replied, "O Umme Salma, I came from Kerbala. My Hussain was just martyred. Take out the bottle".

Umme Salma got up. The colour of sand changed to Red. She collected all women of neighbourhood and cried & did 'matam' on Hussain.

About Mecca:

Ibn Abbas said that when holy Prophet (may peace be on him) entered Mecca on the day of victory, he said :

“Allah has made this town sacred on the day He created earth and the heavens; so it is sacred by the sacredness conferred on it by Allah until the day of Resurrection. Fighting in it is not lawful to anyone before me, and it was made lawful for me only during an hour on one day, for it is sacred by sacredness conferred on it by Allah until the day of Resurrection. Its thorns are not to be cut, its game not to be molested and the things dropped are to be picked up only by one who makes a public announcement of it. It's fresh herbage is not to be cut."

About Madina:

Jabir bin Abdullah said that holy Prophet (may peace be on him) said for Madina

Ibrahim (Prophet Abraham, Holy Bible) declared Mecca as sacred. I declare Madina, that between two mountains, as inviolable. No trees should be chopped and no game to be moiested.

Temporary Marriage (Muta) Forbidden :

Ali bin Abu Talib reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be on him) prohibited forever on the Day of Khaiber the contracting of temporary marriage with women and the eating of the flesh of domestic asses.

Details About Lawful Business:

Ibn Abbas reported that Allah' Messenger (may peace be on him) as sayings., He who buys foodgrain should not sell it until he has taken possession of it.

Jabir bin Abdullah reported that Allah's messenger (may peace be on him) forbade the sell of heap of dates, the weight of which is unknown.

Jabir bin Abdullah reported that Allah's messenger (may peace be on him) forbade the selling of fruit until its good condition is obvious.

Jabir reported as Allah's messenger (may peace be on him) as saying: He who has land should cultivate it, but if he does not find it possible to cultivate it, or find himself helpless to do so, he should lend his land to his Muslim brother, but he should not accept rent from him. Rent may lead to exploitation. Percentage of profit is not exploitation.

Planting A Tree:

Jabir reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be on him) as saying "Whenever a Muslim plant a tree, he has a reward of charity for him for what is eaten of that is charity; what is stolen of the is charity what is eaten by the beast is considered charity what the birds eat out of that is charity for him. None incurs loss to him, but it becomes charity on his part."

Usury Is Cursed:

Jabir said that Allah's Messenger (may peace be on him) cursed usury the acceptor and its payer and one who records it, and the two Witness; and he said they are all  equal.

Prophet (Pbuh) Sprinkle Wuju Water On Jabir:

Jabir bin Abdullah reported: Allah's Apostle (may peace be on him) and Abu Bakr visited me on foot in Banu Salma, and found me unconscious. Holy Prophet called for water and performed abulation (WUJU) and sprinkled out of it (water) over me. I felt relieved. I said

Allah's Messenger, what should I do with my property?

And this verse was revealed.

Allah enjoins you concerning your children: for male is equal of the portion of two females; but if there be more than two females, two thirds of what the deceased leaves is theirs; and if there be one, for her is half. And as for his parents, for each of them is the sixth of what he leaves, if he has a child; but if he has no child and (only) his two parents inherit him, for his mother is the third; but if he has brothers, for his mother is the sixth, after (payment of ) a bequest he may have bequeathed or a debt. Your

parents and your children, you know which of them is nearer to you in benefit. This is an ordinance from Allah. Allah is surely ever Knowing, Wise.

(Chapt 4-11, Holy Quran)

Jabir was companion of holy Prophet. When Prophet (PBUH) migrated from Mecca to Madina he stayed at his house. He died after martyrdom of Hussain at Kerbala, Iraque. He visited tomb of Hussain and paid salutation. Also he conveyed salam (greetings) of prophet to grandson of Imam Hussain - Imam Mohammed-el-Bakir 5th generation from prophet. Please note the effect of prophets sprinkling of water. He was on his deathbed. However due to blessing which he received from prophet's sprinkled wuju water, God gave him very long life.


Asking Charity Back Equals Dog Vomiting & Eating :

Ibn Abbas reported that Allah's Apostle (may peace be on him) said:

He who gets back his charity is like a dog which vomits & then returns to that and eats it." It may mean when one asks charity back he goes as low as dog.

Treat All Your Sons Equal :

Noman bin Bashir reported: His mother asked his father about donating some gifts from his property to his son. He deferred the matter by one year, and then set fourth to do that. She (Numan's mother ) said; I shall not be pleased unless you call Allah's Messenger (may peace be on him) as witness to what you confer as a gift on your son. (Noman said): So father took hold of my hand and I was at that time a boy, and came to Allah's Messenger (may peace be on him) and said "Allah's Messenger, the mother of this son (of mine), daughter of Rewaha, wishes under your witness that I confer gift to her son." Allah's Messenger (may peace be on him) said: "Bashir, have you any other son beside this?" He said: "Yes". Holy Prophet said: "Have you given gift to all of them like this?" He said: "No." Thereupon holy Prophet said

Then call me not as witness, For I cannot be witness to injustice."

Obedience Is Obligatory Only In What Is Good :

It has been narrated on the authority of Ali who said the Messenger of Allah (may peace be on him) sent an expedition and appointed over the Mohajir a man from Ansar.

Messenger ordered that his words should be listened and obeyed.

They made him angry in the matter. He said;

collect for me dry wood. They collected for him. Then he said: Kindle a fire. They kindled.

Then he said:

Didn't Messenger of Allah (may peace be on him) ordered you to listen to me and obey,

They said: Yes. He said:

Enter the fire.

The narrator says: They began to look at one another and said; we fled from the fire (to find refuge with) the Messenger of Allah (may peace be on him)."

They stood quiet until his anger cooled down and fire went out. When they returned, they related the incident to the Messenger of Allah (may peace be on him) Holy Prophet said:

If they had entered the fire, they would not have come out."

Obedience is obligatory only in what is good.

A Group Will Remain Triumphant Till The Judgement:

It has been narrated on the authority of Jabir bin Abdullah who said; I heard messenger of Allah (may peace be on him) say:

A group of people from my Umma will continue to fight in defence of truth and remain triumphant until the Day of judgement."

Don't Waste Food Lest You May Miss Blessings:

Jabir bin Abdullah reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be on him) as saying:

When anyone of you drops a mouthful, he should pick it up and remove any of the filth on it, and then eat it. Should not leave it for satan. and should not wipe his finger with towel until he has licked his fingers, for he does not know in what portion of the food the blessing lies."

Prophet (Pbuh) Avoided Garlic :

Abu Ayub Ansari reported, when food was brought to Allah's Messenger (may peace be on him) "He ate of that.. and sent the remaining part to me." Prophet had not taken from it all for it included garlic. I asked him whether that was forbidden, whereupon he said: "No, but, I don't like it because of it's odour." He (Abu Ayub Ansari) said: "I too don't like what you do not like."

Probably this is when holy Prophet was staying at Abu Ayub Ansar's house when he migrated from Mecca.

Prophet (Pbuh) Forbade Eating With Left Hand:

Jabir reported that Allah's messenger (may peace be on him) forebade that a man should eat with left hand. Prophet said "Satan eats with left hand." On the day of Judgement,holy Ouran mentions at several places, that righteous will be given the Book (holy Quran) in right hand and wrongdoers will be given in the left hand.

Disapproved Cauterisation Of Animal On Face:

Ibn Abbas reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be on him) saw an ass, which had been cauterised, on the face. He disapproved of it saying: By Allah, do not cauterise, but on a part at a distance from the face.

Seeing Prophet (Pbuh) In Dream :

Jabir reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be on him) as saying:" He who saw me in sleep in fact saw me, for it is not possible for the satan to appear in my form."

Stay Of Prophet (Pbuh) In Mecca & Medina:

Ibn Abbas reported that Allah 's Messenger (may peace be on him) stayed in Mecca for thirteen years ( after he had received revealation) and stayed 10 years at Madina and he was sixty-three when he died.

Weight Of Sacrifice Of Karbala:

One day messenger of Allah (may peace be on him), Ali ibne-Abi Talib, child Hasar & Hussain (both Imams) were walking down the street. There was one old woman who was trying to lift heavy luggage. She requested Prophet to help her to lift it. It was too heavy. The old woman taunted "O Messenger (may peace be on him)! Can't you lift my baggage"? Ali got disturbed. He tried, but he also could not lift it. Then Hasan (Imam) tried, he too failed. Then youngest (child) Hussain tried. He was able to lift it and gave it to the old lady to carry.

Prophet prayed to Allah "O my Lord! make it clear to me what was in the baggage that only my grandson Hussain could lift it". Allah revealed to the Prophet "it was weight of supreme sacrifice which Hussain alone will perform at Kerbala, Iraq. Hussain will have 1950 physical wounds on his body and many more mental wounds. He will have no water & no food for 3 days. His head will be put on the head of spear after sacrifice. His holy body will not be buried for 40 days. Enemy's herses will run over his dead body".

God Is Merciful :

Abu Dharr reported Allah 's Messenger (may peace be on him) said: "That Allah, the Glorious and the Exalted stated "He who comes with one goodness, there are in store for him ten like those and even more than those. And he who comes with vices it is only for that, which he is called to account. I may even forgive him. And he who walks towards Me I rush towards him. And he who meets Me in the state that his sins fill the earth, but not associating anything with Me, I would meet him with the same pardon."

Pray For Your Brother & You Will Be Blessed As Well:

Abu Dharr, reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be on him) saying:

There is no believing servant who supplicates for his brother behind his back that the angels do not say: The same be for you too.

God's Mercy Is Beyond Measure:

Salman Farsi reported Allah's messenger (may peace be on him) as saying "Verily Allah has 100 mercy, and it is one (part of this) mercy by virtue of which there is mutual love between the people and ninety-nine part is reserved for the day of resurrection."

Satan & Arabia:

Jabir reported that Allah's messenger (may peace be on him) saying: "Verily, the satan has lost all hopes that the worshippers would ever worship (him) in the peninsula of Arabia, but he would (be able to) to sow the seeds of dissenssion amongst them."

Importance Of Thanking Allah:

Allah's Apostle (may peace be on him) used to pray lot. He would observe such a long qiyam (posture of standing in prayer) that his feet gets swollen. People would say "Messenger, you do this inspite of the fact that your earlier and later sins have been pardoned by Allah." Prophet replied: "Should I not prove myself to be grateful servant of Allah?" Meaning: All Prophet's non-obligatory prayers were in the form of thanks to Allah. Regarding thanking to Allah late Syedna Taher Saifuddin did very good piece of research. In Holy Ouran it is mentioned that Allah asks satan to leave Heaven. This is because he refused to prostrate to Adam. Allah ordered and he disobeyed. Please note that even Satan has not denied Allah's existence or supremacy. He did not obey Allah's order as he felt he was created out of fire and Adam was created out of dust.

So when he is asked to leave Heaven he pleads to Allah and asks for respite till the day of Judgement. Allah grants him. After getting respite, he challenges Allah that I will lead people astray from the right path. Also I will see that they don't thank Thee for Thy Bounties and Favours. Allah says that you will suceed only with wrong doers but not with my true believers; who fear Me in secret. Now late Syedna Taher Saifuddin (may Allah grant him high place in paradise) argues that Satan has brought thanking to Allah in his challenge. This shows how important it is to thank Allah. Hence he says, "O believers! If you want to distance yourself from Satan then keep on thanking your Creator."

Personal Notes:

Writer (I), would like to narrate his personal experience. What happened due to my intense respect and love for holy Prophet & his household? I decided to go to the pilgrimage of Kerbala, Mecca & Madina with my family.. Plane ticket etc. was ready and my daughter Tasneem suddenly took ill. Since sickness was not subsiding, we thought of examining urine. There was positive test of Jaundice. We were worried. I went to Mukasır Saheb (Salehbhai Saheb Safiuddin, 3rd in the line of spintual sit He told me not to worry and go as per the plan, which was after 3 days. He said "Imam Hussain (A.S.) will take care." My faith was not as strong as his. I went to the laboratory and requested for testing. They said "Are you crazy? Jaundice will not go in one day" I said "I know but I have to go". They tested They found Jaundice. Next day I again went. Now the lady at laboratory was much annoyed. She said, "Why don't you understand? Daily testing will not help," I said, "Yes mam, but please test. I am paying for it" That day test showed absence of Jaundice. Doctor got confused. He asked for the sample again. Again it showed absence of Jaundice. Doctor gave me the certificate of absence of Jaundice saying to me "I don't understand. This is against the medical science". However, I was expecting something similar. I went to Mukasir Saheb and told him about this. He said simply "I told you from the first to got to Kerbala. There was no need to do all these test etc. Now you go. As I

said earlier that his faith is stronger than mine. How come Prophet & his grandson would not help me when I sincerely wish to visit them?

Few words about late Mukasir Saheb:

My father had deep attachment with him. After death of my grandfather in 1964, my father took him as his father. He would consult him in all matters. I also had privilege to meet him often. I always felt that he was treating me like his own grandson. I had privilege of spending many hours of my life with him alone. He would allow me to visit him anytime. Once I went to see him late at night. He was praying and praying. After his long prayer, he called me. Once he came out of "WUJU" (abulation - preparation for prayer, wherein you wash your hands, face and other body parts) He has yet to wipe his face etc. He spoke to me even then. Put his hand on my shoulder. These are my treasures, I miss him. May Allah bless his soul.

About Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (T.U.S.)

Second incident was when my second son was born. In our family, we go to Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) & take name from him. My name & my brother's names were given by late Syedna Taher Saifuddin (may Allah give high place in paradise,) I had deep love for Prophet & during my stay at U.S. when I was working there, they had difficulty in pronouncing my name HUNAID. Besides, being an Indian, some were saying 'holy cow' etc. So l told them to call me Mohammed. This is just to give you background.

So when my second son was born, I never prayed or wished for the name of Mohammed. There was no use. Nor did I convey my wish to my wife etc. My father went to Syedna (TUS) for the name. He gave SALEH. My father was leaving Syedna (TUS). He called him again. He is asking "Do you like the name 'SALEH' that I gave you?". My father said "Yes!. Whatever name you give is acceptable". Syedna (TUS) said "No. keep name Mohammed".

Now you may say that Allah has fulfilled my wish. However, in this case I never asked for it. He gave me before I could ask. However much I thank Him is not enough. Such incident naturally increase our faith in Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS)

Prophet Sermon On Mount Arafat:

Holy Prophet's sermon on 9th Dhu Hijjah in the Urnah Valley of Mount Arafat. This was last pilgrimage (haj) of Prophet (may peace be on him).

0 people, lend me an attentive ear for I know not whether, after this year, I shall ever be amongst you again. Therefore, listen to me what I am saying to you very carefully and take these words to those who could not be present here today. 0 people, just you regard this month, this day, this city as sacred, so, regard the life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust. Return the goods entrusted to you to their rightful owners. Hurt no one so that no one hurt you. Remember that you will indeed meet your Lord, and He will indeed reckon your deeds. Allah has forbidden you to take usuary (interest), therefore, all interest obligation shall henceforth be waived. Beware of satan, for the safety of your religion. He has lost all hope that he will ever be able to lead you astray in big things, so beware of following him in small things. O people, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have right over you. If they abide by your right, then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. And it is your right that they do not make friends with any one of whom you do not approve, as well as never to commit adultery. O people listen to me in earnest, worship Allah, say your five daily prayers (Salah), fast during the month of Ramazan, and give your wealth in zakat. Perform Haj if you can afford to. You know that every Muslim is the brother to another Muslim. You are all equal. Nobody has superiority over another except by peity & good action. Remember, one day you will appear before Allah and answer for your deeds. So beware, do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone. O people no Prophet or Apostle will come after me and no faith will be born. Reasor well, O people, and understand my words, which I convey to you. I leave behind two things', the Ourar and my holy progeny (people of the house) and if you follow these, you will never go astray. ll those who listen to me shall pass on my words to others and those to others again; and may last ones understand my words better than those who listen to me directly. Be my witness O Allah, that I have conveyed your message to your people.

About Ali:

Holy Prophet (may peace be on him) said about Ali "Looking at Ali's face is a part of a prayer."

Holy Prophet (may peace be on him) said about Ali "if you want to see knowledge of Adam, piety of Noha, devotion of Abraham, personality and awe of Moses, abstinence of Jesus and guidance of Mohammed combine in one person then look at Ali'.

Five Things Prophet (Pbuh) Will Not Abandon :

Holy Prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him) said: I shall snot abandon five things till my death:

  1. Taking meals along with slaves.
  2. Sitting on earth.
  3. Milking the sheep with my own hands.
  4. Wearing woollen (rough) clothes.
  5. Saluting (saying Salaam) to children, so that it should become a general tradition after me.

Resolving Differences:

Holy Prophet (may peace be on him) said

Resolving difference and disputes is better than recommended prayers & fasting".

Islam gives lot of importance on social well being. This is very clear here. Five prayers per day and 30 fasts in the month of Ramzan is obligatory prayers and fast respectively. If you pray over and above five obligatory prayers, those are known as recommended prayers. Similarly, if you fast over and above 30 days fast of Ramzan, those are known as recommended fast.

All Prophets Are Brothers:

Holy Prophet Mohammed (may peace be on him) said about all other prophets (from Adam to Jesus):

The Prophet are brothers of one another. Their mothers are different, but their religion is one and the same.

Ali (A.S.) On Prophet Jesus (Pbuh) And On Bible & Torah :

Ali-ibne Abi Talib say about Jesus

And if you so desire, you may see Jesus Christ who used to recline on a stone, wore coarse dress and ate tasteless and insipid food. Hunger was his bread; the moon was his lamp. East & West were his shades, and the grass constituted his fruits and perfume. He had no wife who could allure him and no children for whom he might be worried. He had no wealth, which might attract his attention. His feet were his means of transport and his hands were his servants".

At another place Ali says

These were the people who made the earth their carpet and its dust their bed. They contented themselves with water instead of perfume and passed away from the world as Jesus did".

How beautifully Ali said

If a carpet is spread for me and I sit on it, I shall decide cases of Jews according to their book 'The Torah', of the Christians according to their book 'The Evangel' and of the Muslim according to their 'Quran' in such a way that each of these books will cry out Ali has spoken the truth".

All three Books are divine and revealed by God. They originally contain same messages. Only difference is that it is addressed to different people and revealed at different time. Truth is same and eternal. Holy Ouran refers to Jews & Christians as Ahiel Kitab (people of the books), and idolaters it refers to Mushrekin' (those who made partnership in God)

Allah Gives Without Measure:

There was no food in the house of Ali & Fatima. Ali said

O Fatima! You go to your father, holy Prophet. Fatima, daughter of Holy Prophet (may peace ber on him) goes to the Prophet. There was no food in the house of Messenger of Allah.

Prophet says:

Call Ali.

Ali comes.

Prophet says to Ali:

Ali! Take my sword and go to market. You will meet Huzefatul Yamani. Tell him that I have sent you to him. He should take this sword as security and give me 10 Dirham as debt." A

li goes in the market and he meets Huzefatul Yamani. Huzefa says:

O Ali you take 10 dirham, but I don't need sword of Prophet of God (may peace be on him). "

Ali comes back and gives 10 dirham to holy Prophet (may peace be on him) and the sword. Prophet said

whom did you meet?

Ali said

O Prophet! you asked me to meet Huzefatul Yamani, I met him".

Prophet said,

O Ali! You have not met Huzefatul Yamani, but he was angel Gabriel.

Holy Prophet (may peace be on him) goes to the market. He saw one person saying: I have no clothes. If anyone gives me clothes, Allah will give him best of clothes in heaven. Holy Prophet gives him 5 dirhams. He goes further. There was one beggar who was saying: "if anyone gives me food, Allah will give him fruits in heaven". Holy Prophet gives him 3 dirhams. Holy Prophet (may peace be on him) goes still further. There was one slave girl who was slapping on her face (an Arab custom, expressing grief and crying). Holy Prophet (may peace be on him) goes to her and ask her reason for her grief. She says: "My master gave me two dirhams and asked me to bring oil. I was going back with the oil and it fell down. Now my master will hit me". Holy Prophet said "Don't worry. We will buy two dirhams oil and I will come with you to your master's house and will stand outside the gate. You tell him about me & I will meet him." The slave girl goes inside the house and meet her master. When master was angry with her, she says, "Mohammed (Prophet) is outside the gate". The master says, "Who is Mohammed?" She says "Mohammed! The Prophet of Allah, the leader of all the Prophets, the best man". The master had not embraced Islam. He took the sword out and went towards his gate. He had four gates. He found Prophet on his fourth gate. When he saw holy Prophet (may peace be on him), there was Prophetic light (Nur-e Nubbuvat) on Prophet's forehead. It was too bright, too pure for him. He could not bear it. The sword fell down. He says "O Prophet of Allah! give me your hand, I want to embrace your religion and say: There is no God but ONE God and Mohammed is Prophet of God."

He leads holy Prophet to his house and say "I will ask all my household to embrace Islam, else they should leave my house'. Everyone embraced Islam. There were 10 people. When holy Prophet (may Peace be on him) was leaving he says, "Please accept 14 camels loaded with flour and dates as a gift from me. My slave will come with you to deliver this to your house - 0 Prophet of Allah, may peace be on you!".

Prophet (may peace be on him) arrives with 14 camels. Fatima says "O father! O Prophet! (may peace be on him) how come you buy so much in 10 dirhams?" Holy Prophet says

O Fatima! If you spend in Allah's way; Allah gives you without measure".

[Sermon of Mukasir Saheb Hussain Bhai Saheb Hussanmuddin on 29/8/95 on the eve of birthday of 21st Tayeb (A. S.)]


Acquiring Knowledge:

A man named Tamim came to Prophet Mohammed (S.A.) and requested

Show me some act of goodness".

Prophet (S.A.) replied:

Take pain in acquiring knowledge. To stay up night for remembering acquiring knowledge is better than marching at night for Jehad (religious war).

Tamim said

Prophet (S.A.) I know blessing endowned on martyrs"

Prophet proclaimed

Martyrs get blessed for himself. However, seeker of knowledge is like lamp. He gets enlighten and gives light to others. Where you put the lamp everything is visible".

Tamim said

O Prophet (S.A.) what happens if I acquire knowledge and don't act accordingly!

Prophet (S.A.) declared

Work hard and acquire knowledge. And for acting on knowledge seek assistance from God. When learned man tends to do something that is forbidden than his knowledge prevents him. Remember, acquiring knowledge is better than participating in seven Jehads (religious war) nay seventy Jehads."

Ref: Nasim -e- Sahar 30 Mar 96

Ink Of Scholar

Prophet Mohammed (S.A.) said,

Ink of scholars is holier than blood of martyrs"

Avoid Associating With Dead People:W

Holy Prophet Mohammed (S.A.) said,

I advise you to avoid associating with dead people".

People asked him as to who are dead people. Holy Prophet said,

They are rich people who take religion lightly".

Distribution Of Tax By Prophet (Pbuh):

Fatima, (may peace be on her), daughter of holy Prophet (S.A.) needed a help for her housework. Ali-ibne-Ali Talib (A.S.) says

Fatima go to your father (holy Prophet S.A.) and request for one slave girl". F

atima comes to holy Prophet (S.A.) and request. Prophet (S.A.) had already distributed and had nothing to give to his daughter. He says

O Fatima! I will give you much better than what you are asking. After every prayer say
  1. 33 times Allah-o-Akbar - God is great
  2. 33 times Al-Hamdolillah Praise be to God
  3. 33 times Subhan-el-liah – Glory be to God
  4. One time La-iila-ha-ii-lel-lah No God but ONE

After saying this if you do one good God will grant you ten instead. After this incidence, above advice has become kind of ritual after every prayer. "Tasbih-e-Fatima" This is known as

There was one similar incident of Abu Musa Ashari. He comes along with his tribe to holy Prophet (S.A.). The whole tribe entered Islam recently. They ask holy Prophet (S.A.) that they all need camel for their work. Holy Prophet (S.A.) had no camels at that time. One caravan arrived at Prophet house bringing camels etc. in the form of tax. Holy Prophet was able to distribute all camels to them to their satisfaction. Allah did not want people to go empty handed from the house of Prophet (S.A.)

Again Prophet was so generous that he was not keeping anything for himself or for his immediate family. To Fatima - his own daughter, he could not give one slave girl. However he gave one camel each to entire tribe of Abu Musa Ashari.

Salman-El - Farsi :

Salman-el Farsi, the companion of Holy Prophet (S.A.) was slave of one Jew in Madina. The Jew told Salman that if you plant so many date trees and if dates come I will make you free. Salman told this to Holy Prophet (S.A.). Prophet (S.A.) came with Salman, Ali, Fatima, Hasan & Hussain also accompanied them. All started planting dates. By grace of Allah tree grew up and dates (fruit) also appeared on the spot. Saiman was freed.

Salman-el Farsi was from Iran. He was in search of Prophet and true religion. He was going from place to place. Someone told him that true Prophet will never accept what is given as charity but will accept only what is given as gift.

When he met holy Prophet (S.A.) he offered few dates to the Prophet (S.A.) and said " It is charity". Prophet took and distributed amongst his companions but did not eat single date. Later he gave more dates & said, "it is gift to you". Prophet (S.A.) ate one date & rest he distributed. Salman embraced Islam.

Holy Prophet kept him very close to him. One incident will show this. Prophet ordered that mosque to be built. There were two groups. One making wall and other doing other work. When Salman-el-Farsi came to help them, each group shouted" Salman come on our side". "Salman come on our side", This created sort of dispute. In the meantime holy Prophet came & saw the behaviour of people. He said,

Salman belongs to our house

Salman-el Farsi was declared by Prophet that he is one of his family members. No companion achieved such closeness of Holy Prophet (S.A.). Fatima, daughter of Prophet (S.A.) need not have to cover her face in front of Salman.

It was my & Shirin's good fortune to eat dates planted by holy Prophet (S.A.), his household and Salman -el-Farsi. The owner of the garden did not charge anything. He just said "Pray for me". May God bless him. This garden is in outskirts of Madina. We first visited in 1979. Later I visited too and got dates as well.

Salman-el-Farsi mausoleum (tomb) is near Baghdad, Iraq. This we visited in 1979. It is big and magnificent but atmosphere is full of calm & humility and peace reflecting the sublime personality of Salman.

Gathering, How Prophet (Pbuh) Used To Conduct:

Imam Husain (A.S.) asked Holy Prophet (S.A.) about gathering, Prophet (may peace be on him) replied

Our gathering and our parting away is for Allah".

Ali-Ibn-Abi Talib (may peace be on him) says how the Prophet used to conduct public gatherings.

Prophet (S.A.) would come in public gathering and would sit at his designated place. He would also sign others to sit at their designated places. Those who were sitting close to Prophet (S.A.) or far away from him never felt that merciful Prophet (S.A.) shows more love on one side. Prophet was showering mercy on all. He would finish the topic on which he was speaking. He would listen very carefully. Those who ask him he would answer and if he can't would humbly say no. His guidance and prayer was for all. He was showering love & mercy like father to all. During his discourse knowledge was flowing like spring. The atmosphere was full of discipline, patience, mercy, security peace and ease. If someone makes an error (during gathering) knowingly or unknowingly he would cover up and maintain dignity of the gathering.

He would respect those who followed religion sincerely & were regular in prayers and would ask others to respect them. He would pour his love on youth and children. He would make every effort to cultivate feeling of service to religion in younger generation. He would be very patient towards those who came from far.

Imam Husain says from Ali (his father) about Prophet on the same subject as under.

Merciful Prophet (S.A.) would save himself from following three things:

  1. Conflict
  2. Ego
  3. Meaningless talk

He would save people from following three things:

  1. Prophet (S.A.) would not allow anyone to belittle others in his presence.
  2. Prophet (S.A.) would not allow anyone to find fault of other in his presence.
  3. Willingly he would not allow anyone to defame others.
  • Prophet (S.A.) would enter into discussion only if there is something good.
  • Whenever holy Prophet was speaking people used to lower their head down and were listening each word of his.
  • When someone else was speaking Prophet (S.A) used to listen carefully.
  • During discussion he was paying so much attention that people thought that Prophet (S.A.) was agreeing.
  • When people used to laugh he would smile. When people used to show expression of surprise and awe he would do likewise. He would not allow to have a feeling among people that he is a different.
  • He knew double talkers but would not cut them off but would listen to them patiently.
  • His companion would bring to him enthusiastically people who came to Madina from far away places. Idea was this that these people would ask some questions to holy Prophet (S.A.) and they too get benefited. Prophet (S.A.) never used to cut off talk of some person. At the same time he was not paying attention to meaningless talk and would quietly prevent person from talking such subject.

(ref. Nasim-e-sahar, Moharram Hijri, 1390 P30-31)

Prophet's (Pbuh) Night Prayers & Remembering Late Syedna Taher Saifuddin:

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb 52nd Dai-el Fatemi (TUS) says as under about Prophet Mohammed (S.A.)

Prophet (S.A.) used to pray very long standing bowing and prostrating; Veins protruded out of his leg due to exertion and prayers. People asks "O Mohammed Allah has forgiven all your past and future sins then why you pray (non-obligatory prayers) so hard?". Prophet answers (Afala Abdan Shakura): shall I not be thankful servant (of Allah)?

Here his (S.A.) entire non-obligatory prayers were in the form of thanking Allah.

Syedna (TUS) further says

his own father 51st Dai-el Fatemi Syedna Taher Saifuddin was spending long night in prayers and in writing Islamic books after hard days work. Like holy Prophet his leg had same complaint. One incident will prove this point. Once he visited Abdul Rehman Street in Bombay. People wished that Syedna visit their shops. There were hundreds of small shops. Late Syedna (may Allah grant him high place in paradise) agreed. He started visiting say from 9:30 p.m. that continued past midnight. His attendants thought wisely that this work would take long. Hence they divided themselves in two groups and decided to take turn. When second group slowly came in & first disappeared, Late Syedna (Mukkadas), keen observer, realised this. He said laughingly, "What about my replacement". Late Syedna used to sleep very little and also eat very little.

When I was around 16 yrs. I was terribly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi. I became pure vegetarian. My parents were worried. They told this to Late Syedna (Mukkada He tried to explain me. After sometime he visited our house for dinner. Again he asked me. During one of his public discourse (Vaez) he indirectly referred this point.

When young mind gets influenced by foreign philosophy. my instruction is Stop reading those books, turn to Koran"

Now I realised that even my small problem was not escaping his attention. Slowly I turn myself to holy Koran and I came across following verse.

It may happen that what you think good may not be good for you and what you think bad may not be bad for you. Allah knows & you know not."

(Chapt 2/ 216)

This changed my mind. However, I feel, Syedna, who must be praying for me secretely, is also equally responsible. I had respect for him. However, amount of love and guidance & concern, which he showered, on me was much greater. I feel sorry that I did not realize all this during his lifetime. He died in 1965 at the age of 78. I was in the USA. I wrote in condolence letter to present Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (T.U.S.) as under.

Great was his personality, jubiliant was his life and magnificient was his work."

I last met him in Karachi (Pakistan) when I was on my way to USA. I went from Airport to visit him. Normally he would not meet anybody after lunch. However, he still called me in and gave me prayer mat. After 3/4 months he passed away. I was using his prayer mat then.

He is buried in Bombay. His mauseleum is magnificient with Egyptian Fatemi touch. His is the only mauseleum in the world where complete holy Quran is carved in white spotless marble and written with golden ink. 114 'Bismillah', the first sentence in every chapter of holy Koran (except one chapter) is carved and inscribed with ruby,emerald & diamonds. He is resting under constant shadow of Holy Quran. I visit his tomb often and God listens to my prayer when I take his (Late Syedna Mukaddas) recommendation (Vasila).

Around 1972 mauseleum of Late Syedna (Mukaddas) was completed. His successor 52nd Dai-el-Fatemi Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (TUS) organised several inauguration functtions and invited President of India, Mr. Fahkhruddin Ali Ahmed and several Islamic scholars of all denominations from India & abroad.

During one of the functions one scholar from Al-Azhar Univ (Cairo) said as thus:

Holy Quran is book of Allah and most precious gift from Allah to mankind. How should we honour it? It should be carved in white spotless marble & written with ink of gold. This was debt mankind had towards the Creator. Today it is paid."

Another professor from Cairo but teaching Arabic at University in Paris said as under

Sultan-el-Bohra [King of Bohra meaning 52nd Dai-el-Fatemi Syedna (TUS)] came to Cairo and was in Al-Azhar Mosque. He began his prayer; I joined behind him in row. While I was praying with him a feeling of elation-greatness came to my mind. I asked myself: Why I feel so good? Behind whom am I praying? Am I not praying behind merciful Prophet Mohammed (S.A.)?"

I got the feeling that all these speakers were saying such beautiful words not to make us feel good. They were very happy and satisfied and expressing their feeling superbly.

One more incident about the mauseleum of Late Syedna (Mukaddas). I was in Cairo (Egypt) with my business friend El Ezzeddin. I was just describing this great mauseleum of Bombay, its Fatemi architecture (which is very much part of Egypt), marble carving of holy Ouran, golden ink etc. El ezzedin said "Hunaid! Would it not be better if your community had spent same amount on hospital, school or something", I replied "O El ezzeddin! We muslims should honour holy Quran as much as we can. Should we put the limit that holy Quran be hounoured only this much and not any further? This mauseleum is our expression of our love & honour for holy Quran." He replied "Hunaid I wish I was Bohra".

Retrospectively when I think, I thank God who inspired me to reply as I did, which satisfied El-Ezzedin.

After Siffin :

Holy Prophet (S.A.) told Ali (May Peace be on him)

Ali! Fight those who enter religion and then wander away".

Ali (may peace be on him) was returning from battle of Siffin. He stopped at village called Harura. There were 30,000 people waiting and standing in row for arrival of Ali. They doubted the action of Ali in Siffin. They forgot saying of holy Prophet (S.A.) about Ali

O God! Love those who love Ali and hate those who hate Ali. O God! make friendship with those who befriend Ali and trouble those who trouble Ali. Let truth follow Ali".

Ali was mounting on the same mule of holy Prophet (S.A.) named "Shahab". He went at elevated place and addressed the gathering as under.

Praise be to that God whose majesty can not be understood by human heart (-it wonders at His majesty). He is close yet eyes can not see him. God is the first and the last. God is the manifest and the hidden. He knows all secrets. God is one who forgives sins. One who obeys him; he take him under his cover. One who disobeys (him), still he does not manifest servant's sins but covers him out of His mercy and forgives him. Nothing can make him pleading. Whom God wants to catch, none can save him. God is capable of punishing wrongdoers, however, he uses mercy. Even when he punishes, there is no wrongdoing in His action. He takes trial of both - friends and foes (Prophets & evil-doers)

O, People! Be assure that I was never in favour of arbitration; you have not accepted my point on this matter. You put pressure on me for appointment of arbitration. God is witness on what I say.

How arbitration would proceed was detailed out in writing. You know that. All decision of arbitration should be in line with injunction of holy Quran. What holy Quran says truth should be followed as truth and what is disallowed should be abandoned. If arbitration judgment is contrary to this then the judgment deem cancelled.

You know what was written and agreed and are aware of its important conditions. Then where are you going? After knowing why have you become ignorant and keep doubting?

After hearing the speech of Ali, the leader of the believers 24000 people corrected themselves. They said " O leader of the believers! What you are saying is correct. We are with you."

The other 1000 camped there and said, "Till our leader does not invite us to fight Syrians we will not move". The other, 5000 went to place called 'Naherwan' and gave their allegiance to a person called Abdullah-bin-Wahab. They prepared themselves to fights. They are known as "Kharjee".

More On Meraj:

Holy Prophet (S.A.) says

On the day of Meraj (Prophet heavenly journey) I went upto seventh heaven. The distance between my Lord and me was less than two hand measures (less than two meters). The Beneficent, God granted me extreme closeness. The hand came out of curtain and was on my back.

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) says that when Holy Prophet realise high position of Ali he prays to Allah;

O God! If Ali is ahead of me I am prepare to perform 'Sajda' (prostrating and touching head & nose on ground) for Ali".

Allah says

O Mohammed! Precedence belongs to you. This is just to show you the high position of Ali "

Prophet Adam & Eve Were Pardoned:

Prophet Adam & Eve came into grip of Iblis, the devil. They ate the forbidden fruit & were removed from heaven. They were on earth, no guide, and no helper. Adam looks at the seat of God and saw five names - Mohammed, Ali, Fatima, Hasan, and Hussain. Adam asks Allah

Whose names are these?"

God says

These are group of lights (Anwar). It is my light (Noor). These are five holy persons who will be your descendants - Mohammed, Ali, Fatima, Hasan & Hussain. O Adam! If you wish your position back then pray to me with recommendation (Vasila) of these five lights (Anwar). I will forgive you. I am giver; merciful.

Adam prayed with their recommendation of five lights (Anwar) and was forgiven. His Prophethood was restored, and was back in heaven.

Prophet (Pbuh) Came Down From Mimber To Receive Ali:

Once holy Prophet (S.A.) was in mosque on mimber (platform) and was delivering an address. Ali (A.S.) enters the mosque. Prophet comes down from mimber and welcomed Ali. He (S.A.) embraced Ali and kissed Ali's forehead. Holy Prophet never interrupted his speech from mimber (platform).

This was strange incident. Companion of Prophet respectfully asked

O Prophet of God! Is Ali more sublime than you?"

The truthful prophet replied

No. However, I and Ali are like this"

He joined two forefingers of two hands (means they are equal).

People requested

What about your action now?" Merciful Prophet smiled. He lifted the curtain of mystery and said,
I was on mimber (platform) and angel Gabriel came. I was busy with angel in receiving message of Allah. In the meantime Ali came. Angel Gabriel went down from mimber and welcomed Ali as if student welcomes his teacher. So I also went and welcomed Ali. However, I did ask angel Gabriel about his action. Gabriel told me that "Ali is my teacher. Ali is one who favoured me. He taught me what I was ignorant of. O Mohammed! Beloved of God! I am thankful to Ali. I praise Ali day & night. Every, moment, while sitting, standing I say Ali, Ali".

Prophet (Pbuh) Turned Towards India & Prayed:

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) in his public discourse said

Merciful Prophet (S.A.) in his last pilgrimage (farewell pilgrimage) turned towards India and prayed very pleadingly. Companions asked "O Prophet of Allah! In this direction you are praying for whom?" Merciful Prophet replied "I am remembering my brothers who in time of difficulties will preserve Islam and Iman (Faith).

Today India (180 millions) Pakistan (120 millions) & Bangladesh (140 millions) have 440 millions Muslims. Also he was referring martyars of Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India-Syedna Qutbuddin Shahid.

Abuzar On Prayer, Fasting & Good Deeds :

Abuzar-el-Gaffari, companion of holy Prophet (S.A.) used to say on the door of Kaaba (in Mecca)

O People l come, come. I Abuzar, companion of your holy Prophet (S.A.) listen what I say. Take your food before journey. (meaning pray & do good before you die). Get up at night and pray two 'rakaat namaaz. Divide your treasure into two parts. One for your family and other for reward in hereafter. If you come across big matter (problem etc) go for Haj (pilgrimage). Keep habit of fasting (over & above holy month of Ramzan). Say the truth. Save yourself from evil. Give to needy.

(ref. From discourse of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (TUS) Nasim-e-Sahar, Rajab Hijri 1389, Page-31)


Holy Prophet (S.A.) said "Learn from me or from the one who has learnt from me (my student or disciple) or from the one who has learnt from my disciple.

Ali Will Carry Prophet's Flag In Paradise:

Holy Prophet (S.A.) said that Ali will enter paradise before me. Companion asked "O Messenger of God! You said that Allah will forbid paradise to all, prophets before you; unless you enter first. Now you are saying Ali ibne Abi Talib (A.S.) will enter the paradise before you". Holy Prophet (May peace be on him) (S.A.) said "Yes! both is