5 Good Actions Before Going To Sleep by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

One time Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him .) says to Amirul Mumineen, Prince of the believer,( peace be on him .) Ali ibne abi Talib "Always do ( following ) 5 actions before going to sleep"

  1. Do Sadqa ( charity )of 4000 (four thousand) Dinnar . (meaning do charity of 4000 gold coins)
  2. Finish One Quran Masjid ( Pray the whole holy Quran daily with 114 chapters )
  3. Pay the Value of Jannat ( Jannat means heaven )
  4. Do Compromise between two persons
  5. Finish One Hajj ( pilgrimage to Mecca which all able muslims ( physically and financially ) obligated to perform once in life time.

Moula Ali ibne abi Talib (a.s.) says replied, " O Prophet of God , these are very difficult, How can I do these?"

Prophet of God ( PBUH ) (s.a.w.) Says don't worry, do these :

  1. Read 4 times "Surae ( Chapter ) Fateha" [Alhamd surat chapter ], this is equal to Sadqa ( charity ) of 4000 Dinnars. Chapter of Fateha also known as chapter praising God. It is Thus: In the name of Allah the Beneficent , the Merciful. Praise be to Allah (God) Lord of the worlds. The Beneficent, the Merciful. The owner of the day of Judgment. To Thee do we worship and Thee do we cry for help. Show us the straight path. Path of those who earned Thy pleasure and not of those who earned Thy anger. अललाह जो लाभकारी है , दयालु है . ( जो ) कयामत दीन का मालीक है. तेरी ही हम इबादत करेंगे , और मदद के लिए पुकारेंगे . हमे सीधा ( सही ) रासता बता . वह रासता जीस पर ( चलनेवालो ने ) तेरी खुशी कमाइ हो , और वह नहीं जीस पर ( चलनेवालो ने ) तेरा गुससा कमाया हो . One Islamic dinar is supposed to be 4.25 g of gold of 22k. So, 4000 Dinars will be 17 kgs of pure gold.

    Today, 12 th Dec 2023 one kgs pure gold cost US$ 63810 /kg . So 17 kgs comes to US $ 1084,770 or 1.084770 million US $ .

  2. Read 3 times "Surah Ikhlas" [Qul Hovallah surat], this is equal for Finishing One Quran Masjid . Chapter of Unity. It is thus. In the name of God , the Beneficent , the Merciful. Say : He God is one . God is one on whom all depends. He begets not nor is he begotten. Ana non is like him.
  3. Read 3 times with Sincerity "Salvat", this is equal to Value of Jannat (Jannat means heaven or paradise. Paradise is waiting place for heaven and many times better than earth. Your returned to earth few times but in a very dignified manner, however, your ultimate journey to heaven beyond universe is assured )
  4. salvat is kind of prayer wherein you address God to bless Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) and his holy descendents , the way He blessed Prophet Abraham ( PBUH ) and his descendents . Even Bible says that Gen 17:7 And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee. And the whole world , I will bless, through you and your descendents.’ About salwat ( blessing to Muhammad and his holy descendents PBUH holy Quran says “ Indeed, God and the angle , say salwat on the Prophet ( PBUH ) , O people who believe! You ( too ) say salwat on him and give greetings and respect ( to Prophet ).”
  5. Do Tasbih Ten times of "Astagferullah", this is equal for compromising between two person astagferullah means ‘ O God forgive my sins ‘
  6. Read 4 times with Love & Sincerity 'Kalematu-s-Shahadat' { ( announce the unity of God and Prophethood of Muhammad ( PBUH ) } this is equal for Finishing One Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. It read like this: There is no God but God. And Muhammad is prophet of God.