The pain of Maulatena Fatema

Posted on Tue, Nov 21, 2023 Videos Panjatan Paak

This man is narrating the pain of Maulatena Fatema SA , the daughter of Prophet SA . How can he express his sorrow when he is respecting the people who oppressed the lady of Paradise SA , Fatema SA .

Abi Bakr & Umar , first two Caliph / rulers have snatched away the property which Prophet SA has given to Maulatena Fatema SA in his life with full written document. Umar came & threatened to burn 🔥 the house of Fatima, house which Prophet SA blessing every time he was passing by. He slapped Fatema SA . All this misdeed is reported in many Muslims Sunni books/ literatures.

फातेमा सअ पर यह शख़्स रोता है और जीस ने फातेमा सअ पर जुलम किया, नबी सअ की दी हुइ विरासत ( दस्तावेज मौजूद) छीन ली , फातेमा के धर में आकर जलाने की धमकी दी ( सब सुन्नी किताबों में मौजुद है ), फातेमा सअ के गाल पर तमाचा मारा , उस का सम्मान करता है . यह कैसा गम !!!