Poetry Observation Abstraction

Uper uthe to “Bhap” Upper se gire to “ Barsih” Jam keg gire to “Ola” Gir ke jame to “burf” Pate se gire to “shabnam” Pate se nikle to “Arq” Ankh se nikle to “Ashk” Bahe to “darya” Kadme Esmail se nikle to “zamzam” Nabi ungliyon se nikle to “Kauser” Jaha band ho jae to “ Karbala”



if it  goes up then it “vapor”,

if it fallen from the top it is “rain”

if it solidify and fall it is “hail”

if it falls first and solidify it is “snow”

if falls on the leaves it is “ dew”

if  (dew)  comes out of leaves “dew fall”

if it comes out of eyes it is “tears”

if it flows then it is “river”

if it comes out from the foot of ( imam/prophet ) Ismail then it is “Zamzam”

if it comes out from the finger of the prophet ( Mohammed SA) then it is “Kauser”

if it stops then it is “Karbala”