I am Hunaid Khorakiwala, a poet, businessman, and thinker, deeply committed to my faith and community. My website showcases my work and contributions in various fields, including poetry, religious scholarship, and social commentary.


My goal is to make significant Islamic texts accessible to a broader audience. I have worked on translating and providing access to essential works like Nahjul Balagha, ensuring that English-speaking audiences can benefit from these profound teachings.


I emphasize the importance of ethical behavior in business and personal life. Transparency, fairness, and ethical treatment of all stakeholders—customers, employees, and investors—are core to my beliefs.


I have dedicated my efforts to documenting and sharing valuable religious and cultural insights. My writings and translations are meant to inspire and educate, fostering a deeper understanding of Islamic heritage and principles.

Future Vision

I continue to explore ways to bridge cultural and religious gaps, making timeless wisdom accessible to all. My dedication to ethical practices and community service remains at the forefront of my endeavors.